About Steve Verrier

I grew up in Rhode Island, and it is true, we have the best clam chowder!  (Chowda as we say in Rhode Island).  I miss the hotdogs with the "snap"...and I did enjoy the 4 change of seasons, but as with most of us northern folks...my dream was to move to Florida for a permanent vacation!  As I achieved most of my dream (alas no vacation), it is only fitting I help others do the same!  With almost 20 years of industry experience and relationships, I can help make your dreams come true!  Whether you are looking to purchase your first house, finance that vacation property (that will one day be your retirement home) or investment rental properties; let me show you why utilizing my services is the biggest asset to your future!  After all...isn't it better to have someone with knowledge, experience, and succesful relationships on your side; instead of someone either new to the industry or limited to one set of lending guidelines?  When it comes to making that difficult choice in who to have write your mortage, a bank or a broker associate; the answer is pretty clear! Would you only want one product line for your home...or do you like options? I am the Branch Manager with options!

I have been originating mortgage's since 1995 back in Rhode Island. I love this industry. I was trained at Advanced Financial Services in Newport, RI and then worked at Equity Concepts in Cranston, RI. The dot com craze ensued and I eventually took a short hiatus to earn my second degree, this one an AS in Computer Science. My first degree was a BS in Wildlife Biology in 1992 from the University of Maine in Orono. I was and still am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy being outside. I have however left the forest and flown South to the beach. Can you blame me?...Fast Forward to 2001 and I moved to Florida after Graduation. Because of 9/11 the job market was scarce in the computer industry there so I did some research and became licensed to write loans in Flagler County and the Palm Coast area in Florida. I haven't looked back since.

Whether my client is a first time buyer or a seasoned Real Estate investor I love being part of the process helping them achieve the home of their dreams.  My goal is to simplify the process; having them call me a friend for life knowing I am available to help them anytime in the future. I will help them for the long term and not just for 1-2 months. A mortgage is also a great financial planning tool that used properly, can create wealth. Let me show you how to pay your mortgage off early and achieve a faster, more secure financial future free of debt.

I also work to educate and assist top Realtors in my network build and market their own respective business for mutual benefit.

Specialties: Fighting for you and getting you (or your client) the best terms for a mortgage in Florida.
Conventional Loans, FHA Loans, VA Loans, USDA Loans, Reverse Mortgages, Private Mortgages, Mortgage Advice, Mortgage Help, Mortgage Consultant, Real Estate Mortgages, Real Estate Home Loans.

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

"Dear Steve and Angel, Thank you sooooo much for this fabulous Notebook. I certainly would not have had one otherwise. I am learning more about It everyday. It is so nice but way too much for just writing a note about you. You are easy to give rave reviews because you are such a special guy and great mortgage dude too! Also, the birthday video is adorable! That Angel is a star in her own right. You two sure made turning......73 👵⌛📅🎂 a lot more fun. Love you Steve!" (Editor side note: Mary and her husband, Richard were the first winners of our Zillow Kindle Customer Appreication Giveaway)

Mary Oexmann, Palm Coast, FL

Everything was just great.  Steve was very professional and very quick doing his job.  I was very pleased from my experience with SV and EQ Financial.  I had a problem with my insurance papers.  I was very confused.  At that time I asked Steve for his help.  He did what he was not obligated to do and in  a very short period of time he helped me so much to complete my insurance papers.  I will recommend him to all my friends.  

Ivan Rodriguez, Palm Coast, FL

"STEVE VERRIER IS AWESOME!!! He helped me out in every way and spent his own time in completely all the details to accomplish our goal in moving to Palm Coast, FL from the east coast. Steve is very informed about the palm coast area and had no problem in answering our questions and in fact, commented positively about my concerns. there were others I spoke with, but none of them were near Steve's ability to assist OR GET THE JOB DONE LIKE HE DID. Steve is not only a excellent mortgage consultant but a great person as well. -Jack McGrath"

Jack McGrath
Palm Coast, Florida

Once you deal with Steve, you do not even care if you have to pay commission instead of the mortgage lender. He is that good, and pleasant. Unbelievable the way this guy operates. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and I can not say enough times THANK YOU STEVE!!!

Gary and Tatiana Lanov
Palm Coast, Florida

"My husband just started a new job after a few months being unemployed. Other mortgage companies told us we'd have to wait 6 months. Not Steve! From the very beginning he made us feel confident that this loan would close. He was thorough and the entire process was completely seemless. If and when we need to apply for another mortgage, Steve will be the one to turn too. And also, a HUGE thanks to Dena in processing. She was very fast and friendly. I was sort of sad to no longer see emails in my inbox from her! Enjoying our new home."

Erica Martin
South Daytona, Florida

"Steve Verrier went above and beyond to help us with the purchase of our home! Steve and Dena were an awesome team and we highly recommend Community Mortgage Solutions and Steve to everyone!! "

Brittney and Joe Setney
Palm Coast, Florida

"Steve got me an excellent rate, worth the difficult process.  I felt Steve and Dena kept me informed..."

Darryl Deets
Palm Coast, Florida

"Steve was great.  But Dena, with her motto of "well done is better than well said." says what this company is all about."

Michael Pugliese
Flagler Beach, Florida

"My experience with Steve was incrediblythe best I have ever dealt with in all my years of loan experience. This was a difficult time sensitive investment and he completed the loan immediately and efficiently.  We are very grateful and would highly recommend his services."

Matthew Friedman
Palm Coast

"I would like to recommend friends and neighbors to Mr. Steve who worked hard for my mortgage loan.  I thank him and Community Mortgage Solutions very much."

Devin Kolb
Palm Coast

"Steve is a miracle worker. I am more than satisfied with the service I received."

Bridget Arnold
Palm Coast

"I was very pleased with how Steve handled the whole process."

Angel Laureano
Daytona Beach

 "Steve was great through everything and very patient and helpful with us!  If not for Steve, we would not be purchasing our new home!"

Karen and James Hubert, Palm Coast

"Steve was always very easy to get a hold of despite my crazy schedule!  He even made himself available without an appointment and after hours.  Excellent Service!!"

George Hristakopolous, Palm Coast

"Steve answered my calls and emails in a timely manner." 

Bruce and Karen Parker, Palm Coast

"Steve was always ready to explain everything and made me feel exceptionally comfortable through the whole process." 

Ritchie and Joan Polacek, Palm Coast

"Couldn't be more impressed. We will be recommending Steve Verrier and his team to friends and family." 

Dan and Kelly Gouldner, Palm Coast

"Thanks for all the time and efford that all you guys put to make our dream come true!"

The Gonzalez Family, Palm Coast

"It was a bumpy road but Steve worked through it and got it done. Great Job!" 

Adam Kersey, Palm Coast

"I would highly recommend Steve and his team to my friends and family."

Mrs. Kuchman, Palm Coast

"Steve's team stayed on top of all the things needed during the application for the loan. Steve was always on top of the information and the time table. I can highly recommend his services!"

Ben Tilghman, Palm Coast

"Great People. PERIOD."

Darwin and Jazmyne Armstrong, Palm Coast

"Things were great. Steve was great."

Gus and Fanimoon Toppin, Ormond Beach

"I gained much knowledge from Steve about every aspect of this loan process. It was very educational for me."

Ria Francis, Daytona Beach

"Sally and I appreciate that Steve and his staff bent over backwards to get our mortgage approved in a very timely manner. Much Thanks!"

Brian and Sally Mallory, Palm Coast, FL

"We have purchased 4 homes in our 48 years together and Steve made this one the best and easiest ever. He went above and beyond from approval to closing. Thank you, Steve!"

Linda and Les Baldwin, Daytona Beach, FL

"They were great associates and people should try them."

Miss Kerlande Philemond, Palm Coast, FL



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